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Many complicated steps lead up to consular processing, and it is essential that deadlines and important requirements be met in order to gain eligibility. A consular processing lawyer should aid you in keeping away from problems when going after the consular processing option. Once the consular processing application is accepted and approved, you are then able to live in the U.S. and legally seek employment. When applying at a U.S. consulate overseas for an immigrant visa, all steps must be taken for processing at the consulate with the aid of a consular attorney. These visas are strongly desired by Immigrants, specifically because they offer the ability to live and to work for an indefinite period in the United States.

Diplomatic visas are also granted, but the visa type necessary for each government official or diplomat is dependent on that person’s reason for being the United States. For an A-1 or A-2 visa, for example, the individual involved needs to be entering the United States for his national government in order to participate solely in official endeavors for that government. Diplomats such as these often are granted diplomatic immunity, the type of legal immunity exempting him or her from the laws of the receiving country, but on occasion reports of diplomatic immunity abuse appear.

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