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When you are forced to create a guardianship it helps to have an experienced guardianship attorney to guide you through the process and give you the information you need and deserve. Our excellent guardianship attorneys have the knowledge of guardianship law and experience to explain to you how to become a legal guardian and provide you with the right guardianship situation for your current position.

What is Guardianship & How to Become a Legal Guardian

Do you have a child with special needs turning 18 soon? Do you have an elderly relative who has lost the ability to take care of themselves? Have you asked yourself, “What is guardianship?” Guardianship gives a capable person the power to make decisions, both personally and financially, for another incapable person. Legal guardianship is not something to be taken lightly. Our experienced guardianship attorneys can explain any issues that may arise in a guardianship hearing and answer any questions you may have.

Learning how to become a legal guardian is a multi-step process. You must first apply for legal guardianship under guardianship law. A judge will then make a determination on whether or not you are a suitable fit for legal guardianship. Guardianship and power of attorney are two different things. Guardianship power of attorney is a legally mandated agreement. A guardian has more power and responsibility than a power of attorney, which is why there is a more rigorous process to approve guardianship. Guardians take responsibility of another who cannot take care of themselves. A power of attorney merely has the power to sign for a ward and make some small decisions on the wards behalf. A guardian will make almost all decisions for a ward, both on a personal level and a financial level.

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If you want to learn how to become a legal guardian, our knowledgeable guardianship attorneys can assist you. Contact us. We can explain guardianship law so you understand what is expected of you as a guardian and so you make sure your child or elderly relative are getting what is best for them.