About the Law Firm

Attorney Paglia is a Massachusetts licensed attorney, who devotes her practice to protecting the legal and property rights and interests of her clients and their loved ones. While Attorney Paglia's main focus is Divorce Law, Wills, and Probate Law, she is also capable of representing clients in the areas of Residential Real Estate and Bankruptcy Law. 

When you engage Attorney Paglia, she will take the time to understand your needs and educate you on the available legal options in a way that is easy to understand so you feel a part of the process and can make informed decisions about your legal matter.

Attorney Paglia earned her her J.D. from the Massachusetts School of Law and holds several graduate degrees from Harvard University, Boston College, and the University of Massachusetts. and earned her B.A. at Suffolk University.

Attorney Paglia is a member of the Massachusetts Bar. She is also admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts and is an Attorney Broker and a Notary Public.

Attorney Paglia is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and is  active in Pro Bono work in her community. She is a native of Newton and speaks fluent Italian.